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Description Edit

Zora Salazar is a bounty hunter cowgirl and Bliss Ocean member. Her job as an Apple Corps Officer is to capture criminals and dangerous epithet users. She has no underlings and works alone. She joined Bliss Ocean because she values a fair duel and test of strength, which is undermined with some people being born with powers, herself especially with her powerful and mysterious epithet. She is very focused on her job and is uncaring for the lives of those she fights. She likes to annoy with Ramsey Murdoch. Her arch enemy as a bounty hunter is Haboo.

History Edit

Powers Edit

OUTCLASS: Firing Squad (2) - While hidden Zora spends an entire round firing bullets and freezing them midair. These bullets hang in the air unseen until triggered by a target walking into their 2x3 range. They then all fire at once, dealing 5d10 damage

OVERCLASS: GOLDEN HOUR (5/per round) - Zora forces the sun to hang at it's brightest possible point during the sunset/sunrise. All targets in the direct sunlight take 5 fire damage at the start of their turns. The light's rays are totally blinding to all targets. Targets must stand in the shadows to even open their eyes (unless immune to blindness)

Facts Edit

  • Zora actually has a pilot called "Sundowner", who's a 90 year old cop with a bad memory. She is fairly good at the game and would have played were she not distracted by Haboo Snakehole.
  • Zora's two revolvers are named "The Sun Up" and "The Sun Down".

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