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Yoomtah Zing is a cyborg Mundie and an Apple Corps Officer and third in command of Bliss Ocean. She is highly chaotic and unpredictable, being one of the few characters that can use Wild Magic. She has incredible speed and as a cyborg can use electricity as a weapon. She loves playing games and builds mechs. She can't sleep.

Backstory Edit

Originally a foreign exchange student, she volunteered as a part of an experiment funded by Naven Nuknuk and Doctor Luft. However, this was a trap as Luft turns her into a mindless cybernetic puppet. Naven destroys Luft's mind and Yoomtah barely manages to survive, but without her memories.

Afterwards she eventually formed Bliss Ocean with Naven.

Monkey Toy Audience Edit

While not technically revealed, Yoomtah was presumably disguised as Naven Nuknuk's associate Yumi like she is in later parts. She spends the episode waiting for Naven to exit the Blyndeff's toy story in the car.

Hot! Crispy! Dazzling~! Edit

Yoomtah enters the prison under the guise of being a prisoner, when in reality the cuffs are fake. She and two fellow Apple Corps Officers (Zora Salazar and Moot Tarbela) confronted Mera Salamin to learn more about the Gemini Necklace. Afterwards they attempt to kill Mera, before being interrupted by Indus Tarbela bursting through the prison's primary power supply and enabling a jailbreak.

Yoomtah suggests that the Apple Corps Officers see who can catch the most prisoners. This game is one-sided, however, as Yoomtah catches 100 prisoners, significantly more than her coworkers. She eventually finds the protagonists of the adventure (California Slim, Jericho Felocity, Ramsey Murdoch, Dixon Roughhouse, Ryatt, and The Gansley) on a watchtower and attempts to capture them, but Ryatt distracts her with a sparkler while the others escape. Despite Ryatt then blowing up the watchtower, Yoomtah and Ryatt survive. Yoomtah then attends a meeting with her other Apple Corps Officers and her boss where they talk about their next plan of attack.

Horizontal Pilot Command Edit

Yoomtah goes with Naven and secret Apple Corps Officer Charles Foxtrot to the Horizontal Pilot Command contest, disguised as Yumi. She reveals herself to Giovanni and Milly after Naven asks them to join Bliss Ocean. Naven notes that he cannot completely predict Yoomtah with his epithet and that he founded Bliss Ocean with her.

Executive Grin Contest Edit

Yoomtah is the co-hostess of the "Yoomtah and Ryatt Show", which is just Channel 12 that's been hijacked by Bliss Ocean to run a public game show, announcing the existence of Bliss Ocean and it's newly revealed leader Naven and powering up their mechs. She has been going for 30 hours but shows no signs of losing energy and is enjoying herself along with her co-host. The episode begins with her and Ryatt singing a song together, and then the game show begins. Each round she pits two teams against each other in some contest and the winning team gets a prize and can elect a member to compete in a Yoomtah Game. These Yoomtah Games are extraordinarily difficult situations usually performed alongside Yoomtah as an enemy competitor (although not always).

Between shows Yoomtah speaks to our current set of player characters. She works to gain the respect of Coach Regina and takes the spot of "Pink One" from Moxie, who is demoted to "Pink Two".

Yoomtah beats the team in their first two Yoomtah Games (the first game a contest for creating a 4th dimensional object against Jeffrey; the second game where Giovanni had to guess the correct dog, where the real one was hidden under the floorboards), but lost her third and final Yoomtah Game against Regina, who went for the avantgarde method of improving a snowman.

Before the fourth round could start, Ryatt revealed the prize for winning round three: an escape route. Yoomtah was fine with this since it was fun and boosted ratings, so she doesn't get upset at Ryatt, who still wants to host the show with her. She attempts to block the gang with Villynelles to an expected result, before one final battle between her mech Doomtah and the protagonist's hastily built mech. While getting into her mech Regina pulls a rare Pilot from her sports bag and it is revealed that she collects the cards. Through prefight sabotage and some help from an angry Xerxes, they manage to defeat her. She rewards them with a stamp on the hand that grants them access to leave and return to Bliss Ocean Headquarters whenever they like without fighting security, up to a certain point in the building.

Exquisite Drunken Candymaker Edit

Yoomtah appears in a memory recording in Naven and Yoomtah's room. One is of her and Naven watching television. Another is Yoomtah spending long hours in the night jumping on their room's jungle gym on the center tree and trying to keep herself occupied, as she can't sleep. The third is her entering Naven's room and watching him until he wakes up.

Abilities Edit

Yoomtah has an extremely varied power set. Passively, whenever she takes physical damage she fires Wild Magic at the person that hit her, and when hit with electricity she fires Wild Magic at herself. She can also use Wild Magic normally while selecting targets. She has speed surpassing virtually all other Anime Campaign characters (with the exception of Jericho) and can zap people with electricity. She is also incredibly strong despite weighing virtually nothing.

While unseen, Yoomtah plays Pilot Command and has her own Pilot called "Circuit Breaker", a toy car that's broken out of it's track. It allows her to openly break one rule per game.

During Episode 5 Yoomtah pilots her very own mech: Doomtah. It has many abilities tied to different parts of it's body:

  • Knife Strapped To My Leg, Except Instead of a Knife It's A Nitro Boost! - Once per round Doomtah can take an extra turn.
  • Sky Cruncher - Foot jet that hits with an upper cut, dealing 70 damage to to mech parts.
  • Stay On Your Toes - Marching explosives walk out of Doomtah's feet and run into the enemy.
  • Gungho Gun - A gun that shoots guns in a random spread for 90 damage.
  • Splatling Gun - A pink ink gun.
  • Recipe For Disaster - A sword that flips out of Doomtah's arm, except instead of a sword it's a whisk.
  • Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like a Me - Projected wings that reduce damage taken by half.
  • Battle Buddy Buggie - Xerxes' car which launches forward with Xerxes inside. Tricks the opponent into attacking it, angering Xerxes. Explodes if Xerxes is no longer detected alive inside. Can easily backfire.
  • Big Scary Skull Button - Level 5 Death spell, reduces any part whose health is at a multiple of 70 to 1 hp.
  • Fisticuff - An extendable boxing glove.
  • Scream Engine - A giant sound wave that deals 40 damage to the entire enemy team.
  • Eye Beams - Lasers fired from Doomtah's eyes.
  • Flea Circus - Doomtah's head detaches and flies above the enemy to drop Bliss Ocean grunts over the enemy.
  • Rough And Tough Cufflinks - A series of robot punches.
  • Prototype Hotdog Cannons - Like hotdog cannons, except it shoots bullets.
  • Chroma Cannon - When the enemy team rolls low, it projects a rainbow beam that fires Wild Magic at a target of Yoomtah's choice.

Facts Edit

  • Yoomtah's first name comes from the sound Wigglytuff's make in some of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games.
  • Yoomtah was created shortly after Episode Zero as a character for pLasterbrain to play, but due to her "chaotic playstyle" breaking campaigns even when just a player her character was acted by JelloApocalypse instead.
  • Naven says that Yoomtah is one of the only people he cannot completely predict with his epithet.
  • Yoomtah is the third in command for Bliss Ocean and a founding member. She is only behind Xerxes and Naven in rank.
  • Yoomtah and Naven share a room.
  • Yoomtah and Xerxes hate each other's guts, but because they are both friends to Naven they have to put up with each other frequently.

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