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"Can I psychoanalyze this?"

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As listed by Anime Campaign adventure 0, (Player: Majin) Sylvester “Sylvie” Ashling, a child prodigy who graduated at the age of twelve with a doctorate in psychology. His epithet is Drowsy and he specializes in hypnotherapy.

History Edit

Episode 0: Regional Below Ceremony Edit

Sylvester Ashling is one of the combatants of the Regional Below Ceremony hosted by Mera Salamin. Sylvie is impressed by Mera Salamin's intimate knowledge of Epithets and he begins to see her as a mentor. This does not end well... Sylvie finds Guile in a locker which he pooped in after not finding a working toilet, Sylvie and Guile talk where Sylvie says that he doesn't have any friends. With that, Guile feels bad enough to befriend him, saying that a middle finger means "Peace Among Worlds." Sylvie easily defeats Devinia (Motherly woman with the Epithet "Cottage", played by Chula) in the first match with sleep-inducing sheep. Sylvie helps Molly with taking her form to the announcers that advertise the Blyndeff Toy Emporium, which she owns. As thanks, Molly tells Sylvie that her epithet is "Dumb", which she can use to mute people, and uses Giovanni Potage to demonstrate. In the second round of the tournament, the part is paired off to fight each other only to get interrupted by Abbott Arbuckle, a man who isn't a police officer but wants to be. He says his sources have told him this tournament houses illegal activities, so Sylvie, with Moxie Roughhouse, Charlotte Scarlet, and Guile Manning, truce him easily. The tournament staff has disappeared so they attempt to follow them, and Indus blocks them. They befriend him and get him to let them pass, where Mera got pissed off. Mera reveals that the tournament was a ploy to get the winner's powers for herself using the Gemini Necklace. She was the winner of the tournament's first year and the host tried to kill her, so she took it over, minus the killing. The party is all here, so... Mera, Dan, and Chuck fight the party in a clusterfuck where Mera uses two epithets she has stolen in the past, "Bughouse" and "Eventual" plus her Epithet Fragile in glass. Sylvie feels horribly betrayed by his long-time mentor.

Episode 2: Monkey Toy Audience Edit

Sylvester Ashling appears at the Blyndeff Toy Emporium for the sake of getting things. There, he encounters Agitha Fuckwistle, his old Geometry teacher. He attempts to prevent Molly Blyndeff from letting her purchase stuffed bears for a geometry ritual. He hovers around as Naven Nuknuk begins an Interpersonal Communications Class in the toy store, only to be interrupted by Giovanni Potage, under the guise of Vincent Murder, breaking into the shop. This results in Sylvie being more or less the only one to recognize Giovanni, and combat begins. This battle is the first time that Dr. Beefton appears, being made up as they went. After this combat is over, the party, including Sylvie, is sucked into one of Milly Blyndeff's complex worlds. They are stuck in a toy world at that point, and they must go through and get to Milly and Giovanni. At the end of this episode, Sylvie becomes the first character in Anime Campaign to be knocked unconscious.

Episode 4: Horizontal Pilot Command Edit

Sylvester Ashling travels with the other player characters. In the roleplay session for this episode, he turns into Doctor Beefton and befriends a reoccurring character who is not only in this episode, but also in later ones. This character is a panther named Nurse Panther. He plays Pilot Command after he sees Sierra Saxton and plays a game of Mouse Trap with her. Seeing Mera, however, is far more eventful as he gets into a great rage about not seeing her dead, and his friends had to restrain him while she was trying to just drink tea and recoup from her prison break with Indus. During this period of time, he is more or less mauled by Mera. This results in the scars seen on him after this episode. Over the course of Death-con and the Horizontal Pilot Command competition, he interacts with many of the characters. This includes the antagonist of the episode, Charles Foxtrot. During the final fight with Charles, he is charmed into thinking he is best friends with Noah Finway.

Episode 5: Executive Grin Contest Edit

Sylvester Ashling appears very briefly in this episode as a competitor against the pc team. This didn't last long, he was only there long enough to be pestered by Dirk "Doc" Chappy, his uncle. This didn't last long, however, as he was quickly booped by Moot Tarbela and entered the Moot Realm.

Episode 6B: Wartime Brainwash BeaconEdit

Sylvester Ashling first appears in this episode in a costume car in his corrupt form. He is disheartened and found by the group there, to the character's surprise. Mera was not there when they first saw each other, however, he has visible scars from being mauled by her in a previous episode. In the parties first encounter with Sylvie, he produces several sheep. These sheep keep springing back after defeated. Or, in the case of Phoenica Fleecity, being hugged by. After this, they are blocked off from continuing by a wall of sheep in the next train car. Phoenica jumps into the fray and talks to Sylvie through a sea of sheep. The party talks to Sylvie, trying to get through to him. It seems to almost work until he runs out on them. As people finally got through to him, he seems to slowly start becoming one of the Shades of the Moot Realm. He fights this desperately from this fate and eventually becomes a sort of "nightmare monster". During this time, he attacks the party with their worst fears. Eventually, he's defeated and once again becomes his normal self. Half dead and in pain, he unlocks his Class 2 (Dreamweaver) from understanding Mera Salamin. The both of them learning that people are not black and white. Thus he defends the players from the mooks while they fight Moot, using his outclass "Slumber Party"

Episode 7: Exquisite Drunken Candymaker Edit

Sylvester Ashling appears in this Episode as a minor character, where he tried to defeat Bliss Ocean with Stan Goldstein, Dan Gansley, and Arbuckle... But due to their lack of power,  they ended up stopping at Zora's level, and fall into a Bliss Ocean Jail held by a Turnip woman named Trip. In exploring, Trixie Roughhouse opens a ventilation shaft in case anyone of them wishes to leave. Further, on the first floor, there is the date between Ramsey Murdoch and Charles Foxtrot so Stan Goldstein is let out in order to play the Saxophone for them. This leaves Sylvie alone with perhaps the worst characters in Anime Campaign. He is slipped a bee costume by Rick Shades in an effort to help him escape.  

Epilogue: Edit

Sylvester Ashling becomes applied to learning as much about epithets as he can. He eventually takes over the Regional Below Ceremony, his commentators being Phoenica Fleecity and Rick Shades. Molly Blyndeff is also there to enforce the rules of the game. His Regional Below includes not only those who are Inscribed, but mundies as well! 

Trivia Edit

  • In Anime Campaign, Sylvie became a psychologist when he was about twelve; But in the adaption of AC, Epithet Erased, he claims that he became a psychologist at the age of 15.
  • Sylvie's tenth-grade math teacher, Mrs. Fuckwhistle, could never fail or punish him because he passed every single test with flying colors.
  • Sylvie is voiced by Zack Maher (@MajinZelpher on twitter) in both Anime campaign and Epithet Erased. He also has Sylvie's Epithet Erased version as a profile picture (20191217)
  • It is said that Rick Shades and him have a very strong, almost brotherly, relationship. Majin, Jay, and Jello all say that they wish they got to build upon that more than they did.
  • It was said in episode four that Sylvester's favorite Pokémon would be Snorlax, and Dr. Beefton's favorite Pokémon would be Plusle, and that Sylvester would also have a Hypno on his team.
  • Sylvester's surname is a slightly altered version of the Irish word Aisling meaning Dream.

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