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Rick Shades is a Deep Blue Mage that has lived most of his life on the bottom of the ocean. He runs the horoscope section of a local newspaper. His dark magic is fueled by the power of friendship. He is the number one friend to all sad children. His personality is very loud and friendly. He has trouble keeping secrets and is incredibly selfless.

Horizontal Pilot Command Edit

Rick Shades comes to Deathcon with the rest of the crew, stating that he is most definitely not a wizard. He is extremely interested in mentionings of friendship. He seals a friendship pact with Naven Nuknuk and a panther before their first round. His and the newsies' job is to find the last unknown Apple Corps. officer.

Rick's Pilot is the worst of them all: Hat Trick. It's weak to everything, has less than 1 stamina and only has the power to duplicate itself. Rick frequently cheats by using Hat Trick's supposed magic hat. He loots a shiny Pookie card from a dead Troy but never uses it and it eventually ends up in an enemy's deck. He also obtains Rock Bottom from Don Infusio, but also never uses it.

The party discovers that Charles Foxtrot is the Apple Corps. officer. Rick assists in the boss fight against Charles, by calling over Sierra Saxton to help. Afterwards, Rick Shades reveals that he was a wizard the whole time, to the shock of no one. He also reveals his own epithet (Companion) in order to further boost his power of friendship. He then combines Hat Trick with Sylvie's Pilot Lambcelot to form the ultimate Squishy type card. After the boss fight, he and the rest of the news team is captured by Bliss Ocean.

Executive Grim Contest Edit

Rick Shades, likely along with the rest of the news crew, escapes Bliss Ocean captivity through the sewer system. Along the way Rick warns Chappy of a dangerous sea ghost named Carlton Blubbs. He also becomes friends with Jericho Felocity while in jail.

Emergency Mirror Battleground Edit

Shortly after escaping Bliss Ocean Headquarters, Rick spends a few days living in a movie theater before going to Phoenica's Magical Girl tryouts, where he is appointed as their magical adviser.

Rick Shades makes many friends over the course of the adventure, some explicit and some implicit. This includes Percival King, Bellatrix Roughhouse, Indus Tarbela, Mera Salamin, Doc Chappy, Phoenica, Happy Abby, and Rook. Rook was a member of the Shitenou that the magical girls were supposed to defeat, but Rick managed to encourage him enough to befriend him and gain his poltergeist powers of possession. Doc Chappy becomes friends with Rick for telling him about his now fiance Carlton Blubbs, even if it was meant as a warning the first time. Rick and Percy both swear to be the protectors of the many sad children in the party and often work together throughout the mansion. At one point Rick saves the gang from drowning in the basement by using his Deep Sea Pals and his good swimming skills.

The Songstress points out that both she and Rick are Ocean Dwellers, which is a part of the reason why they can both use dark magic. Rick, Rook, and Percy combine their powers to create a Forge-Tower of Light and Darkness which helps the team nearly beat The Songstress.

Before the battle finishes Moot Tarbela shows up, defeats The Songstress single-handedly, and begins booping party members. Rick prioritizes saving the children by getting them under the floorboards where they can run away. After Percy is booped Rook and Rick team up to cause the tower to detonate in an attempt to defeat him, which knocks Rick unconscious and almost gives Mera enough time to escape if it weren't for Moot's ability to seemingly teleport. He is then booped before he wakes up.

Wartime Brainwash Beacon Edit

Rick Shades wakes up in a shack with Phoenica and Molly. They set out to find their friends while inside the Moot Realm. Rick spends much of the adventure trying to help Mera face herself and Sylvie grow past his self-destructive lust for revenge. During the fight against Nightmare Sylvie, Rick uses hypnosis so that Sylvie doesn't experience the physical pain of being defeated. He powers up Indus with dark magic and friendship fists in their final fight.

After being unbooped from the defeat of Moot, the team notices that letters have been stuffed in their pockets that let them enter Bliss Ocean Headquarters (up to a certain point), as a sort of invitation to try and stop them. Rick sets out with Percy and Trixie to bring an end to this.

Exquisite Drunken Candymaker Edit

Rick, along with Ramsey, Percy, Molly, and Trixie, storm Bliss Ocean Headquarters. He frees Stan from the Bliss Ocean holding cell so he can help out in Ramsey and Charles' date. He tries to help Jericho while he is glitching out on the second floor, but instead gets stuck in the glitch until Trixie saves him by channeling Roxanne. Rick defeats Zora in her fight by hitting her with construction vehicles. He tries to protect the party during Don Infusio's "boss fight."

Annihilate Adjustable Flaw Edit

Naven makes the party face their worst memory. In Rick's memory, he is a small boy who reveals his real name is Oblivious Obsequious, and he lives at the bottom of the ocean. The party must help him make friends with his classmates and have a good first day of school. Everything goes smoothly, and all his classmates get along with him well, but then he gets called out of the classroom because he has a proficiency of 150. He is taken to see Caelum, who is ruler of Ocean Country and described as the "final boss of a different campaign." Obi reassures the party that he has everything under control, but Caelum challenges Obi to a battle and hits Obi with a bolt of lightning that knocks him out. Caelum gains one proficiency from the battle, and, since he wants to fight people to keep gain proficiency, demands that Obi be put in the Colosseum to be trained further so he can get stronger and they can fight again. Obi can't fight his friends in the Colosseum, so he takes up the name Rick Shades, someone cool enough to be able to fight anyone. One by one, Rick's friends leave him behind, waiting for him to be Obi again, which causes his proficiency to drop. After Rick's proficiency reaches 0, he runs away to the surface, where he washes up on a beach and is discovered by Stan. Rick's memory is the only one of the group's to not be tampered with, because even though it was the worst part of his life, he didn't want to change it because it shaped him into who he was.

Rick helps Molly in her worst memory by fighting back the flaming toys with the rest of the party. He helps fight in the final boss fight against Naven. He uses his outclass to summon an army of his friends at Bliss Ocean to attack Naven, which includes Charles, Zora, Yoomtah, and Naven himself (but not Moot, as Rick states he explicitly doesn't like Moot). In his epilogue cut scene, Rick is living with Mera, Indus, and Moot in their monastery. After gets phone calls for help from Phoenica, Moxie, and Percy, Rick takes a picture with Mera and Indus for Percy, and then rides away on his pink motorcycle. His epilogue quote is: "Rick travelled from place to place, participating in a comical number of adventures, mostly by accident. He roll as a bit player, cameo character, and occassionally a mid boss would earn him a reasonable ammount of respect amongst the most studious observers. However, no matter how wild the setting or outlandish the adventure, Rick's smile never faltered. After all, he knew he would never be alone again."

Abilities Edit

Rick can channel magic from eldritch deities and the creatures of the sea, but most of his power comes from the power of friendship. He can gain proficiency when people become friends with him and can use the powers of his friends. He can also summon deep sea creatures as familiars and tell fortunes through the stars. He can also see ghosts and damage them with dark energy. In addition, whenever an ally rolls a 6 their move fails, but Rick gains a charge of dark magic that he can expend to give anyone a bonus to a roll.

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