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age_(birthday) = Unknown|
age_(birthday) = Unknown|
voice = Arim|
voice = Arim|
affiliation = The Police, [[Meryl Lockhart]] (Co-worker/friend), [[Sgt. Eros]] (Boss), [[Molly Blyndeff]] (friend), [[Phoenica Fleecity]] (Friend), [[Bellatrix Roughhouse]] (friend), [[Rick Shades]] (Friend)}}
affiliation = The Police, [[Meryl Lockhart]] (Co-worker/friend), [[Sgt. Eros]] (Boss), [[Molly Blyndeff]] (friend), [[Phoenica Fleecity]] (Friend), [[Bellatrix Roughhouse]] (friend), [[Rick Shades]] (Friend), [[Ramsey Murdoch]] (Friend), [[Howie Honeyglow]] (Rival)}}
== '''''Description''''' ==
== '''''Description''''' ==

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This section may contain unadapted spoilers for Epithet Erased.

Description Edit

Percival 'Percy' King is a police officer and architect. She is approximated to be in her late twenties. Percy is driven, hard-working, and morally-righteous, with the tendency to take the lead. She is somewhat socially inept, speaking far less than the others during the campaign and usually coming across as awkward or forced when she does speak- one of her recurring gags being 'I don't understand' after a joke or action that everyone else does understand. Her voice is usually monotone, and if she does get excited, it is pointed out as unusual. Despite her cold and stern demeanor, her heart is in the right place and she is a genuine person who wishes to help others and implement law, order, and justice wherever she goes. Throughout the campaign, she is often mistaken for a male due to her boyish appearance.

History Edit

Bliss Ocean Curiosities Edit

Percy, along with Eros and Meryl, investigate the small town of Redwood Run for gang violence. Once there, she meets Gorou, the town's incompetent sheriff. Gorou is a terrible sheriff and thinks that the criminals are his friends, but Percy is oblivious to this, treating Gorou with the same respect she gives every officer of the law. They find that Bliss Ocean and their rival gang The Bushido Blasters have been occupying the town to look for the Gemini Necklace.

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