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Naven Nuknuk is the leader of Toilet Apples Incorporated, a company that sells apples soaked in toilets that taste incredible. This is a front for his real organization Bliss Ocean, which he founded alongside Yoomtah. His epithet Flashback is incredibly powerful in that it allows the user to read and manipulate people's thoughts and memories on a wide scale, allowing him to accurately guess epithets and gain more proficiency, until it eventually became so powerful it couldn't be turned off. With the knowledge he possessed from his epithet he set out on finding a way to get rid of epithets so that no one could use them for evil. His personality is one of a constant state of cheerfulness, a facade that rarely shows cracks. He is a good person at heart and is only doing what he believes is the best for everyone. He shows great interest in helping people.

Backstory Edit

Naven's epithet allowed him to guess epithets accurately and gain considerable proficiency from a young age. It's unknown when exactly he reached the point where he is now, unable to turn off his power.

He eventually earned a Sociology degree, which is why he hosts Interpersonal Communication classes.

At some point Naven and Yoomtah founded Bliss Ocean.

Naven eventually hears about the Gemini Necklace and begins constructing a plan to get rid of epithets for good.

Monkey Toy Audience Edit

Naven appears in the toy store with Yumi for some Interpersonal Communication classes. His secret objective, however, is to gain intel on Milly Blyndeff's epithet Augment. He accompanies the team as a healer that gives allies toilet apples. Others notice that he has a mysterious aura around him but they keep it to themselves.

Hot! Crispy! Dazzling~! Edit

At the end of the campaign three of the four Apple Corps Officers (Yoomtah Zing, Zora Salazar, and Moot Tarbela) return to Bliss Ocean Headquarters to talk with their boss about the information they've gotten about the Gemini Necklace from Mera. He is glad to find out that the necklace only copies and stores epithets so that he can use it for his purposes. Naven also reveals himself to the viewers for the first time as the leader of Bliss Ocean.

Horizontal Pilot Command Edit

Naven, Yumi, and Charles Foxtrot infiltrate Deathcon under cover to get close to Giovanni and Milly. He offers the both of them a position at Bliss Ocean Headquarters, explains his backstory, and reveals his epithet and plan. His power can perform mass memory wipes if it's charged, but it can't cover the distance of the entire world. If Milly uses her Augment epithet to power up Naven's powers he will be able to erase the world's knowledge of epithets, making no one able to use them. Naven and Milly's epithets would be stored inside the Gemini Necklace, allowing them and their successors to continue to erase the epithets of people born in the future. Giovanni accepts the chance to be a real supervillain, but Milly requires some convincing via reliving a memory of her dead mom and the promise she made to take care of her little sister. She accepts, and the two attempt to leave.

Before they can, however, Giovanni passes by Delta Caprone and reveals his position as leader of the Bushido Blasters. This blows their cover and Naven sends Charles to destroy all physical evidence of their reveal while he charges a mind wipe of everyone in the building. The news crew ultimately uploads proof to Gonkle of all places and Naven decides that it's time for their organization to reveal itself.

Executive Grin Contest Edit

Before the campaign begins Giovanni has his and everyone else's memory of his own epithet erased by request.

Naven opens the campaign explaining to the TV audience that he is the leader of Bliss Ocean.

Later he briefly talks to Ramsey Murdoch, who gave Naven money while he was on tough times. Ramsey seems disappointed that this is what he is spending his success on, but Naven assures that if he really thinks this is a bad thing, he hopes that he can stop him.

Naven also sides with Xerxes when Yoomtah wrecks his car, which is apparently a rarity.

Emergency Mirror Battleground Edit

Naven sends Moot after The Songstress and some of the other dangerous epithet users combating her. Moot has explicit orders not to hurt Molly from Milly.

At the end of the campaign Moot appears and boops the party. Before getting Molly and Mera, Naven appears from the Moot Realm. He has a brief conversation with Molly who uses her interpersonal communication skills that he taught her to express her frustration over her friends being captured (likely forever) and her teacher being a terrorist. He allows Molly to go in and try to save her friends.

Naven confronts Mera directly, claiming she is the very kind of person Bliss Ocean was founded to stop. He orders Moot to boop her to await a fate worse than death.

Exquisite Drunken Candymaker Edit

Naven has placed memory recordings all around the Headquarters. Some of them are meant as instructions or warnings to those entering the tower. Others are just personal interactions that are stored for unknown reasons.

In one recording he is seen with Giovanni and Milly. After seeing the guards of the floor, Giovanni suggests adding robots on the patrol routes.

In Naven and Yoomtah's room there are a large amount of stored memories. One is of Naven and Yoomtah watching television, and another is of Naven going to sleep and waking up with Yoomtah beside him, who as a cyborg is unable to sleep. Naven's bed also has soundproof curtains either for when Yoomtah is awake all night or to help block out his epithet while sleeping.

In Charles' room Naven consoles the freshly defeated Charles after Episode 4. Because both of their epithets are incredibly powerful and out of control, he offers to help her learn how to control her epithet Heartbreaker. For simplicity's sake, Naven has altered Charles' memory to think he is a girl.

Annihilate Adjustable Flaw Edit

The party enters the final room of Bliss Ocean Headquarters to confront Naven. He immediately puts them inside a labyrinth of their pasts, causing all the players to re-experience a flashback with the ability to change the outcome, even if the effects aren't real. After escaping, Naven tells the group that his organization exists to stop all of the messed up and dangerous epithet users in the world, and so if they wish to defeat him they must first prove that they have what it takes to defend the world, by fighting memory versions of the "worst" villainous epithet users he's ever met.

In between these boss fights Naven's concentration briefly allows for the party and Yoomtah to glimpse into the past dealings with Doctor Luft as talked about earlier. Yoomtah then punches Naven for not telling her about this.

Afterwards the final fight with Naven begins. He uses his powers to initially split into multiple people, taking the shape and abilities of other characters. Then he goes full out, able to essentially create anything he can think of, but focusing all of his power on that weakens his concentration, revealing that Naves was mentally blocking a member of the party for the entire game: Condoriano. With his help and Rick's outclass using the power of all the Bliss Ocean Apple Corps Officers Naven is defeated. He happily submits to them, knowing that there's a group of people able and willing to stop a potential epithet menace. The party decides not to take him to the police, at least not yet, and everyone ends up as friends.

Abilities Edit

Naven has the power to read thoughts and memories. This extends to manipulating memories, erasing memories, reawakening lost memories, sharing memories, and allowing people to relive memories. Naven can also record memories, even leaving certain parts out such as sound. This epithet is especially powerful as it allows Naven to continually guess other people's epithets, increasing his own power extremely quickly. It's so powerful that he can't actually turn it off, and he continually reads the entire life stories of everyone he meets.

Facts Edit

  • Naven can see with his eyes closed by using his epithet to read people's minds.
  • Naven is one of the only characters with a confirmed age.

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