(This isn't canon and isn't happening anymore. This article doesn't need to exist)
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{{Anime_Campaign_Episode_Infobox|title1 = Mainstream Stereotype Fragment (Canceled)|season = Not|episode = Happening|air_date = (Canceled due to Roll20 issues)|gm = Andrewolv|co-gm = Nick|previous_episode = [[Episode 8 - Annihilate Adjustable Flaw]]|pcs = Vinnion Gunhend (Lane)
Joseltov Stalvinski (Connor)
Violet Shademaster (Jack)
Carter Lockhart (Carter)|npcs = Rose Owens (Andrew)
Richard Dick (Combatant)
Most of the original cast (Just references)
[[Regina Sandbag]] (The President)
[[Bellatrix Roughhouse]] (Possible Mini boss?)
[[Don Infusio]] (Probably the end boss)
Traccia & Dessiner Pastel (Guest player's combatant)|image1 = Anime Campaign 1 Banner.png}}Yo, it's Andrew, this campaign is cancelled due to roll20 issues. Sorry about that

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