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Jericho is a thief that can escape any predicament with just parkour and running. He's so fast that he's been able to use frame perfect speedrunning techniques to phase through walls and outwit the cops. Jericho is a mundie. He's just weird.

History Edit

Backstory Edit

Prior to Anime Campaign, Jericho started stealing, using both his abilities and a special Vaseline he created himself. It started small, but soon, he was pulling massive, complex heists. Eventually, he was caught in the act and couldn't escape, so he was imprisoned.

Hot! Crispy! Dazzling~! Edit

Jericho escapes with Slim, Alcatraz, Ramsey, Ryatt, and Dixon when the power goes out. He helps rescue Dan Gansley from solitary so he can get off his eraser cuff and remember his epithet, despite the fact that he is a Mundie. He helps fight the guards in the prison yard. When the group is chased by Warden Grapethroat in his mech, Jericho throws his Vaseline in front of the mech's treads so it slips and slows down. After Ryatt sacrifices himself, Jericho is the only one who believes that Ryatt is still alive. Jericho helps the group fight the boss fight against Grapethroat and his Mech by using his ability to run up walls to climb up the mech, and using turnip skip to phase inside of it. He leaves on the boat with the party, Mera, and Indus.

Executive Grin Contest Edit

Jericho meets and befriends Rick in the RP session.

Exquisite Drunken Candymaker Edit

The party finds Jericho soft locked over the side of Bliss Ocean Headquarters. He had tried to eat a Giorno cookie, which is a nonconsumable item, and got trapped in an animation loop. Rick and Percy tried to free him, but got trapped in his loop as well upon contact with the glitchy mess. Trixie (channeling Roxanne) managed to free him by taking the cookie from him. However, it soft reset him, and since Jericho was doing a "no save run," he unglitched into his old prison cell and had to escape all over again.

Abilities Edit

Jericho possesses extreme speed and dexterity. His body is constantly vibrating, and he is unable to sit still. He is so fast, he can use speedrunning techniques in real life. He trained himself to He knows how to sequence break and wallhack using his vibration, super speed, and parkour skills in tandem. He has a turnip skip ability that allows him to phase through things.

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