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"I'm glad card games are like wrestling and this is all fake"

- Giovanni during a particularly gruesome Card-Bat (Episode 4: Horizontal Pilot Command)

Description Edit

Giovanni Potage is a 19-year-old troublemaker who loves baseballs, robots and anything edgy. He also has dreams of becoming THE GREATEST SUPERVILLAIN OF ALL TIME! His crime adventures start when he joins the Bushido Blasters and then proceeds to bounce between villain roles throughout the series. He has a high opinion of himself and dreams of achieving true greatness. This is hard though because everyone around him, including his family, insists on teasing him constantly, mostly about his epithet which is "Soup". He goes through a redemption arc as the series goes on and ends up becoming everyone's favorite edgy anti-hero with a heart of gold.

History Edit

Episode 0 - Regional Below Ceremony Edit

Although Episode 0 wasn't officially aired the plot and events that occurred were revealed by Jello in a Google Doc (See Episode 0 - Regional Below Ceremony (Lost Episode)) The basics of what Giovanni did are this: Giovanni lead a team of two other members of a crime syndicate known as The Bushido Blasters. The whole team consisted of Giovanni, Divinia and Allison McGillicuddy. They were sent to the Regional Below to apprehend former member Guile Manning after he left the organization and stole a lot of money from them. He competed against Moxie in his first fight and was quickly defeated after Moxie revealed his epithet to everyone and then beat him in the face with her bat. Later on after many shenanigans inside revolving around Abbot Arbuckle interrupting the match and Mera revealing her plan to steal the winner's epithet with the Gemini necklace. The competitors all worked together to defeat her with Giovanni and the rest of the Bushido Blasters running off with the necklace.

Episode 2 - Monkey Toy Audience Edit

In this episode, Giovanni appears at the Blyndeff Toy Store to rob it. However, he is under the new name of Vincent Murder! The robbery fails when he is absolutely decimated by the party. But, he manages to capture the heart of Milly Blyndeff who uses her epithet "Augment" to change the toy store into a Giant toy kingdom, with Giovanni shooting baseballs at the players. The party now has to go through the Toy Kingdom and face Milly, Giovanni butting in every now and then. When they do reach the fortress Giovanni confronts them with Milly to fight back with Baseballs and Toys! The party soon defeats them though and Milly uses her power to let her and Giovanni escape.

Episode 4 - Horizontal Pilot Command Edit

Giovanni is a side character in this Episode but does have some importance. He tried to get into the Tournament but wasn't able to so he ended up watching the card games. In the end, he ends up seeing Naven Nuknuk because Naven wishes to use Milly's ability to augment his Flashback epithet to work on everyone. He also spits on Delta Caprone because Delta Caprone is the head of the Bushido Blasters and he used to work there.

Episode 5 - Executive Grin Contest Edit

In this episode, Giovanni participates in the Executive Grin Contest. He is disappointed however because he was told that he would be on the villain team. He supposedly acts temporarily as the mascot (according to Regina) but is replaced by Jeffery and then Carlton Blubs. However, he is a very powerful and helpful member of the party. His feats include Getting a rare 13 on taking a picture and healing the team pretty significantly when needed. However, he also wasn't too much of a help when he attempted to hit his team's friendermelon with his Knife Bat, which is MADE OF KNIVES! He eventually finds one of his baseball boots which Martin made and adopts him as his son which he names Giorno. His part of the team Robot is the body which is a cardboard box with a buzzsaw on it. Afterward, it is assumed that he went with the rest of the Corps Officer to the Apple Corp. Building to prepare for the final phase of their plan.

Episode 7 - Exquisite Drunken Candymaker Edit

Giovanni appears and he has his son

in the first tape recording the players see. They request for the players to bring him "Giorno Cookies" because he has lost them. He tries to be nice to his son as he can, even when his son is a robot animated by Milly Blyndeff. Just like the Bees, Snakeholes, and Otamatones of previous adventures, Giorno Cookies give one stamina when returned to Giovanni and his son.

Episode 8 - Annihilate Adjustable Flaw Edit

Powers Edit

SOUP Until this is filled, here are his abilities in the Adaptation. Then later I shall fill it with Episode 8 sets...

Skillset Edit

  • Bat Proficiency: Giovanni is shown to be quite skilled in wielding a baseball bat. Giovanni claims that when it comes to baseball, he cannot be beaten, and he has multiple trophies in his room to prove it. He normally uses his custom made Soul Slugger Doom Bat of Maximum Destruction, which is a baseball bat with a knife taped to it.

Unique Abilities Edit

  • Epithet: Soup: Giovanni's epithet allows him to create and control soup, which ends up having a wide variety of applications due to his high creativity:
    • Lava Acid Lav-acid: Giovanni can form orbs of tomato basil soup out of thin air. This ball of soup is also described as scalding by Giovanni.
      • Lava Grenade: Giovanni creates a scalding hot orb of soup that he can launch in an area. When it hits the floor, it explodes, hitting enemies in its vicinity.
    • Demon Energy Aura: Giovanni creates a whirlwind of soupy energy, capable of blasting dust particles away.
    • Teleports Behind You*: Giovanni builds up steam around him, using this for a sudden burst of speed to the point where it looks like teleportation to observers. This can also be used to give himself a large jump.
    • Fog of Lost Souls: Giovanni covers the area with a blanket of thick, delicious-smelling fog, useful for making a getaway. It also restores 1 HP for anyone standing in it.
    • Soup That is Too Hot: This is Giovanni's self-proclaimed ultimate attack. He can increase the temperature of soup, without a line of sight.
    • Ancient Potion: Giovanni sweats a bottle of healthy soup that he can drink to regain 15 HP. Giovanni can only use this move once per battle.
  • CRITICAL 13:[​5]​​ As 13 is Giovanni's lucky number, this is just very important to him. Don't look into it because it doesn't do anything special here, I'm pretty sure.

Fun Facts Edit

GIOVANNI POTAGE IS THE BEST SOUPERVILLIAN. Also best dad, 19-year-old, friend, etc.

  • Cool Guy Giovanni (Epithet) (Darkness)
  • Giovanni Cool Guy (Epithet)
  • Giovanni (Cool Guy) (Shaded)
  • Giovanni (Cool Guy) (Shaded) (Tan Background)
  • Giovanni In Darkness

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