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Episode InformationEdit

Part 5, titled "Executive Grin Contest", was the sixth session of Anime Campaign. It was streamed on January 21st of 2017 and had a total runtime of 7 hours and 1 minute. This part had an "Episode 0" RP session that preceded the actual session and streamed on January 12th of 2017 with a runtime of 1 hour and 54 minutes.


A dastardly organization has taken over a television station and is broadcasting a game show using people they have kidnapped. The winner gets a chance to defeat them.

Featured Player Characters Edit

Will - Ramsey

Siv - Moxie

Roob - Giovanni

Majin - Doc Chappy

Plaster - Regina Sandbag


  • Doc Chappy was previously played by Majin in an Unforgotten Realms game titled “Spook Campaign!” that was run by Jello and Will in January 2016. Other players in this game were Arim, Keen, Chula, and Siv.
    *A fan character made by Niko named “Whichaway” made an appearance in this episode as an NPC
    *Another pair of NPC’s were inspired by a joke from Part 2 of the Tenra Bansho ZERO stream that Jay ran on The Third Wheel channel.
    *As of December 15th, 2019, all Anime Campaign streams were removed from the Surprise Round twitch channel as part of Jello’s wish to limit the spread of spoilers for potential future seasons of Epithet Erased. At the time of removal, there were approximately 19,500 views on the Anime Campaign Part Five stream and 7,500 views on the “Episode 0” RP twitch stream.

The Laundering scheme slash hang out place slash game show! Where you make a Mech in the end and fight Yoomtah Zing in a Mech fight! Fan animation during the Arc can be recommended here

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