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Dan Gansley is a Mundie, meaning he has no epithet. He's the crowd favorite, and people tend to freak out and get all excited when he even appears on screen. He tends to be the center of jokes due to his...creative personality, but not in a rude kind of way. He was first introduced in the third stream, Hot! Crispy! Dazzling~! which took place in a prison during a jailbreak. Dan was in a max security cell, due to cheating on his taxes, selling pixy stix saying it was cocaine, and many more crimes. Although he doesn't have a confirmed age, he seems to be around 30-50. He does his shopping as Costco.

Trivia Edit

  • It was said in Episode 4 - Horizontal Pilot Command that his favorite Pokémon is probably Klefki because he can never find his keys.
  • In Episode 4 - Horizontal Pilot Command, while Jello talks about missed achievements, he brings up how Dan Gansley had an obtainable pilot called Cherry Cherry Bar, which is a sad man that is always at a bar.

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