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JustSomeDweeb JustSomeDweeb 13 November 2020

Guess Whos back...

HELLO! I'm not sure if anyone here remembers me. But for a while I was the only person posting onto the animecampaign wiki for a while and then I had to leave for a couple of years. You would probably know me for my greatest work. The Don Infusio page. (Which I now see is ruined. Whoever did that is dead.) ANyway, I will try to edit here occasionally as I am in college though that may be hard. But im just here to say Im back and Im going to try to make this the best dang wiki out there. Thank you to all those who contributed while I was gone.

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StarryfromCosmicCove StarryfromCosmicCove 13 May 2020

Anime Campaign Filler Characters?

School is over for me after this week, so I've been working on this wiki a lot more recently, and will continue to do so until it's in tip top shape! I love it here! You guys have been great, and besides a few bad experiences I had with vandals before the clean-up crew came into the picture (Shout out to the Fandom Anime Clean-up team, btw. You guys have worked absolute wonders! Thank you all so much!), I have had an absolute blast working on this wiki, and have made a ton of friends.

With that all out of the way, I'll get to the point. Should we add pages for the Anime Campaign Filler characters? Not all of them have pictures that we could use, and I know that Among Elastic Royal completely got lost besides the RP session, but I stil…

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Placeholderdog Placeholderdog 3 February 2020

Wikia Content

===>>DO NOT, witch hunt or attack these people! Everyone has a different stance, and you should respect that.

I've looked into this subject because my friends enjoy Anime Campaign, and dislike seeing the Wiki vandalized.

**Jello has made no tweets, or posts about this subject and has never referenced the wikia on his tumblr or twitter. I'm not in any discord with Jello, but please note he ALLOWS Anime Campaign content in his servers if you follow the rules.

** Theres no offical statement made about the wikia from Jello, I'm not sure on warpedlamp's stance.

All Jello wants is no SPOILERS from the wikia, characters such as Bliss Ocean's cast should be censored with a warning of spoilers should there be any.

* Jello has said a few times that EE and…

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AtelousPrimus AtelousPrimus 17 December 2019

It's a bad idea to keep adding to this wiki while EE is airing.

Hey folks, I know this is probably the unpopular opinion here, but I wanted to ask you all to consider not adding to this wiki while Epithet Erased is airing. Jello had the AC recordings taken down because he doesn't want people being spoiled, so adding more info for people to spoil themselves on seems like the opposite of what Jello would want.

As a fellow wiki editor, I ask that you all consider Jello's wishes, especially since this is his series.

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FramesMee FramesMee 8 December 2019

About pictures.

And, other things sorry, I don't know if I can edit the title of this.

  1. I wanted to know for characters where their images are harder to get a hold of should we get images from the streams that may not be as crisp or..?
  2. What do we do about character's movesets... should write those too? I hope so as I find them interesting.
  3. Why in the episode's pages some characters have only their first names that lead to links and, others have links for their whole name? Such as "Giovanni Potage" and, "Zora Salazar"... Giovanni's name does this a lot in the episode's pages and, it's not an issue as much as it is a pet peeve.

Also, I'm going to go back and, pay close attention to characters that have almost no information on this wikia to fill them out, not sure when.

(I put this in di…

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Firekirby135 Firekirby135 6 November 2019

Epithet Erased update

Howdy potential anime campaign wiki editors. I've recently been catching up on Anime Campaign in preparation for Epithet Erased, and was wondering if we can/should repurpose this wiki to include both properties.

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AtelousPrimus AtelousPrimus 23 July 2019

Surprise Round Wiki

Hey guys, long-time Surprise Round fan here. Sorry to see that this wiki isn't getting much traffic, but I hope what I have to say here will be some consolation.

I've recently discovered that there's actually a separate Surprise Round wiki , which I'm now in the process of adding Anime Campaign pages to. I immensly appreciate all the time you guys have put into this site, but I was also wondering if you would consider migrating some of the information from here over to the Surprise Round one. I don't think this wiki should be replaced, per se, but I think it would be nice if all of the information were in one place.

I'm also planning on contacting Lamp and some of the other crewmembers to ask about adding a new text channel to the Surprise R…

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JustSomeDweeb JustSomeDweeb 20 August 2018


Hey everyone. If you don't know, I'm the guy who has been writing the wiki. There have been others before me and some people help every now and then but there is very little people who actually edit. I've enjoyed writing these articles and it has really help my writing skills but I don't want the full responsibility of writing EVERY ARTICLE. So if you are reading this. Help will be appreciated. I think that Anime campaign deserves the best wiki possible, don't you? So please help me write this and maybe help advertise the need for editors on social media. Idk.

I love writing this but it's not all that fun having it all on my shoulders. People help occassionally but we need more.


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Andrewolv Andrewolv 26 June 2018

So How Many People Actually Use This Wiki?

I feel like I'm the only person on here anymore. I'm also going to plug my own anime campaign Mainstream Stereotype Fragment you can watch it on So anyways, anyone who's' here can talk. I wanted to make a community post.

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