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- Bellatrix as Ahnica tries to run from the party.

Description Edit

Bellatrix Roughhouse is the extremely haunted youngest daughter of the Roughhouse family. She has a twin brother, Rex Roughhouse, who she shares a spiritual connection with. She loves her family and her friends and would do anything to help them. She is constantly nervous and scared due to the fact that ghosts can't leave her alone. However, no one in her family believes her and they try to convince her that ghosts aren't real. Her best friends are Phoenica Fleecity and Molly Blyndeff and it is her desire to help her friends that brings her into the adventures.

History Edit

Episode 4 - Horizontal Pilot Command Edit

Bellatrix or "Trixie" is a minor character in this episode. She goes to Death-Con along with her best friends Phoenica and Molly. She doesn't do much but she does comment occasionally during several Card-Bats and she "technically" correctly guesses the epithet of Charles Foxtrot. Also, she is haunted temporarily by the ghosts of Vertical Troy and Deathrow Crackerjack. It is also indirectly shown that she escapes capture by the Apple Corp. Officers because she appears in episode 6.

Episode 6a - Emergency Mirror Battleground Edit

Trixie is a PC in this arc and she is one of the magical girls that Phoenica has gathered to defeat The Songstress along with Mera Salamin, Indus Tarbela, Percival King, Molly Blyndeff and Happy Abby. Rick Shades is also there as magical support. Trixie powers of being EXTREMELY HAUNTED prove to be very helpful in this arc as she uses her powers to attract repel and destroy many paranormal spirits within the mansion. One of these spirits, Xavier Brigglebits, proves to be quite a threat as he shoots Trixie, SEVERAL TIMES! Although, this does activate her magical girl transformation, creating a running joke of Trixie NEEDING to get shot to activate her powers in some cases. She also befriends one of the "SHIETNOOOO", Rook a small bird musician witha poker dealers hat. She also steals the diary of the suit of armor SHIETNOOOO Hilda. She along with the rest of the party is sent to The Moot Realm when Moot Tarbela, the worst villain captures them all during the fight with the songstress.

Episode 6b - Wartime Brainwash Beacon Edit

Within The Moot Realm Trixie is discovered with Rook trying to fend off several Shademin who inhabit The Moot Realm with a SEVERED ARM and a SHOTGUN both of which she FOUND. She rejoins the party after Rick Shades finds them with his colored pencil magic detector. She then proceeds to join the party as they cross the Moot Realm. With her ghost magnetism she manages to find Alcatraz who has been separated from his partner California Slim and is drawn to her. He possesses the severed arm and joins the party, while Trixie and the rest promise to help him find/save Slim, THE NICEST CHARACTER IN ANIME CAMPAIGN. After they find him, he is linked to Slim again and is forced to leave the party. However, Trixie is given the Alcatraz Hanky which can cause uncontrollable crying. Trixie doesn't have too many key moments but she manages to help the party by combining her powers with the other little girls and uses the diary of Hilda to lure some sheep to settle into dust. She also uses the hanky to cause Moot to cry uncontrollably during the final fight. This is also the episode where she reaches Class 2.

Episode 7 - Exquisite Drunken Candlemaker Edit

Trixie is one of the members of the final party as she joins Percy, Rick, Ramsey and Molly as they head to The Apple Corp. Building to stop Naven and Milly. Ramsey joins them and he and Trixie immediately form a bond as Ramsey admires the hardcoreness of this small child. She has some great moments as she uses the spirits of her father to sing ballads during Ramsey and Charles' date, Roxanne's spirit to grab a giorno cookie and save Jericho Felocity, Rick and Rook as they are clipping through a wall. She also summons Moxie's spirit to deal some hard damage to Giovanni and exact Moxie's revenge on Rick. One other thing she does is use her telekinetic powers to manipulate a bee suit to intimidate a bunch of Bliss Ocean goons. She also, as Moxie, helps convince Giovanni to join the party through encouragement. She isn't exactly the star of this episode but her moments are absolutely great.

Episode 8 - Annihilate Adjustable Flaw Edit

This episode is a direct sequel to the Episode 7. Trixie along with the other party members are sent to their most regrettable memories to try and change them. After Giovanni faces his memory, he is sent to Trixie's to save her. He is sent to a moment in the past, it's a forested park which is the home of the Roughhouse family picnic. But everyone is scared and worried, looking around for something important. Ignatius and Moxie reveal that Trixie was lost during a game of Hide and Seek. Giovanni then sets out to find her. He finds her within a deep hole in the ground, too scared to escape. Giovanni coaxes her out and comforts her as they leave and the memory fades away. She proceeds to help The other party member fix their memories. She does a good amount of detective work and is able to help Percy build up the courage to confront her mentor. She summons the spirit of Dixon to lure studio workers away as Lunch Lady Doris. She also supports Rick in his memory with a shadow puppet cheer squad. When they face off against Naven's worst foes she summons the spirit of Izzy Roughhouse and her Tarot cards to cause Negative Plan Johnny to make HIS BEST PLAN YET! She supports her friends throughout the final fight and gives Xerxes his chains to use as brash knuckles during Rick's outclass.

Epilogue Edit

In her Epilogue cut-scene Trixie is shown to be older and living in a her workshop alongside Rook (the two now wear matching caps). She is working on a blueprint when Howie arrives to give her her first paycheck and reveals that Trixie has been working on Howie's construction sites part time. The two exchange an awkward conversation, both using their interpersonal communication cards. Trixie reveals that the paycheck is evidence of the first real thing she's ever done and tells Rook that instead of cashing it in she will keep it, Rook suggests stitching it to the inside of her hat, she agrees. Trixie's epilogue ends with her ghost catching machine malfunctioning and ghosts spilling out into her works shop.

Quote from Trixies epilogue - "After her apprenticeship with Howie, Trixie became a pioneer in the field of spectral engineering. Inventing countless gadgets to aid the average person in their daily ghostly interactions. In her off she helped Molly with her police work providing all the tech needed to solve rad murder cases."

Powers Edit

Passives Edit

Cursed - This passive causes ghosts to be magnetically attracted to her. Although it isnt directly said whether or not it is a written down passive.

"Being Watched Watch" - This passive allows her to detect the most ghostly/haunted object in the room.

Sudden Chill/Menacing Menacing Menacing - Constant 5 damage to all enemies within a ten foot radius

Abilities Edit

Family Reunion (3) - Allows Trixie to harness the spirit of any Roughhouse family member, living or dead and use their powers passives and abilities. Once per turn.

Boo! - Shoo away a ghost onto another target. Deals 5 damage at 5 range to one target. Can push and pin targets. High rolls may cause the target to be too afraid to act.

Shadow Servants - Use a sock/shadow puppet show to draw a crowd (of ghosts) and entertain! Pull targets towards you and fascinate them! Infinite range. Trixie can have nearby spirits possess small objects and attack foes. Servants are more effective based on the size and shape of the shadows and objects in the environment.

Items/Other Edit

Magical Girl Transformation - This power let's Trixie to both attract and pull away any spirits.

Alcatraz's Hanky (Used) - When used this hanky causes the target to weep uncontrollably making them to sad to do anything. This was used on Moot during his fight with Indus.

Belt of Mercury - Grant's Bullet Immunity.

Car Chains - These chains can be used to help The bearer gain advantage on intimidation rolls.

Familiar: Rook - Rook is a ghost bird who can ghostrick through items and solid objects. He can fuse with Percy's Wizard Tower to infuse it with dark ghost energy. He can also play the violin.

Tool Belt - Both the ghosts from Boo! and Rook now carry items from Trixie’s tool pack. Add whatever power tool-related flavor you would like to the attack.

Fun Facts Edit

- Before Episode 6b every PC had to give their characters worst fear. Siv gave the very dark answer of Trixie being unable to see ghosts and becoming afraid that her family members have been dead all along. If Trixie was struck by nightmare Sylvie. All passives would have been negated.

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