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Anime Campaign is a tabletop roleplay series run by JelloApocalypse and hosted primarily on WarpedLamp's Twitch. It runs off of a modified Unforgotten Realms system, called the Anime Campaign System! In this world there are people born with a power called an "Epithet", which is a single word generated at random. For example you might generate the word "Soup" and that character has the power of soup. Epithet powers can be as loosely related to the word as the GM will allow and adapt to the user's interpretation with homonyms, giving epithets an extremely broad potential for ability sets. Anime Campaign is filled with fun lovable characters and is adored by it's small dedicated fanbase. Each episode ranges from 6-8 hours long on average, with episodes 3 and onwards being proceeded by a shorter RP session that usually lasts 2 hours long. For more Anime Campaign resources, check out

Basic Plot Summary

"A terrorist organization by the name of Bliss Ocean wants to get rid of everyone’s epithets and people sometimes try and stop them but mostly they just spend time doing stupid things around them."

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