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In a world where every 1 in 30 people is born with a superpower known as an Epithet. An Epithet is a power that is connected to a single word that resonates with the user's soul. The Epithet user, also known as the Inscribed, discovers their power when they hear the word and it eventually dawns upon them that it is their Epithet. Upon realizing this, the Inscribed begins to manifest supernatural powers based upon their understanding of the word. Depending on the inscribed, this can be as simple as producing flames if they have the Epithet of "fire", or as complex as manifesting the dreams of others if they have the Epithet of "drowsy". Those born without Epithets are known as Mundies, the majority of the population which has to compete to survive and thrive in a world where they are at a fundamental disadvantage.

Epithet Erased
Epithet Erased
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